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DC || October 15th, 2014

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I met her guys. I actually met jenna. I can’t believe it man.. It was like talking to a best friend than a band member.. She was so sweet and so interested in what I had to say.. And i planned to say so much but I started crying and couldn’t stop and I was embarrassed because there were so many people around but she just hugged me and I cried and cried and she told me “you don’t have to tell me okay? I understand what you were going through.. I wrote that record when I was in such a fucked up place. I understand.” And we talked some more and my friend Brittany and I talked to her some more and we all took selfies and then she was like “you want me to take this one with my lanky arms haha?” And I was like yes please. And that’s it. This is the selfie she took of us. It was worth standing in line for 5 hours in pouring rain tbh. So happy today happened. :’) she also remembered me and my friend from the balcony and she said it made her so happy to see us singing along the entire set.

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@ axlgram13: Thanks @tarastiles I’m a pretzel ..Great carpet too 💩

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Your blog is so pretty and perfect, I'm in love with it! <3

oh wow, i’m in love with ur blog too <з

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@ axlgram13: Wait this isn’t MySpace 💀💔💻 #emokidproblems

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@axlgram13: The OG heartbreaker 💔

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fave jenna account ever im crying

awgh thank  you so much <з

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@ axlgram13: Baby undercut returns with a chop by @ fiftyshadesof_shea ✂️😄👏🐰 Bleeeeerrrrhhhhhh ❤️

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@ jenalive11: Maggie’s first camping trip 

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